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About Us

Dr. Julián Sesin graduated top of his class from Latina University as a Doctor in Dental Surgery, then continued his studies and did a fellowship in oral surgery at University of Costa Rica where he discovered his passion as a surgeon. He proceeded his postgraduate studies in implantology at UNICIEO in Bogota, Colombia for 3 years.
Dr. Sesin likes to see the patient as a whole, so all the treatments are multidisciplinary and according to each individual’s needs.
Dr. Sesin loves nature and when he is not in surgery you will find him surfing, climbing or fishing somewhere in Costa Rica.

Dr. Natalia Guillen was valedictorian at University of Costa Rica where she studied dentistry. She then proceeded to graduate with honors (once again!) from her postgraduate training in Prosthodontics.
Dr. Guillen's passion is to improve her patient's quality of life and overall well-being. She considers that it's very important that her patients have the correct approach to their treatment in order to be able to do their everyday activities feeling confident about themselves AND end up looking stunning as well!
In her free time, Dr. Guillen loves to spend time with her friends and family, take trips to the beach and practice Stand Up Paddle.
She can't wait to meet you!

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